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What Clients Have to Say

Micaela is amazing!! She does SUCH a wonderful job and is so nice! The kids loved their face paint and had such a fun time with it! She was wonderful and accommodating each kid and what they wanted. I would definitely recommend her 100%!
 Rachel R.
Micaela was a hit at our party! Kids and adults alike all loved getting their faces painted! She was fast and the designs were amazing.
Hannah S.
Really impressed with her skill in such a short amount of time. My daughter was in mermaid mode for the rest of the day. She did a great job on my face too! I will definitely look to use her services for upcoming birthdays!
Jessica B.
My kiddo was turning 7 and we had a carnival theme going on. We wanted a great face painter along with all our other activities going on. While it was a great event, it wouldn't have been complete without Micaela's great face painting skills. We had about 20 children surrounding her almost the entire time, and she just kept on painting each kiddo's face. They loved what she was doing so much, that they came back for more. I even got it done..because why not?! She was very professional, on time, patient with the kiddos, and had a lot of great options for colors. Many of the parents also wanted her information for their kiddo's biryhdays. I would definitely hire her again! 
Nicole N.
She does a great job! my little unicorn loved her facepainting. hoping we run into her again at another Vendor fair. So talented!
Noel S.
Micaela Johnson is amazing with little kids. She is fast enough for a two year old who never sits still and the quality of her work is top notch. My toddler absolutely loved having her face painted with Micaela (she’s never had her face painted before). In fact she wanted to have her other cheek done!!
Jennifer M.
micaela was amazing. we hired her for my kids 3 & 2 year birthday bash. We were worried about whether it would be age appropriate with all of the wild toddlers, but WOW! I am so impressed beyond words. She was able to paint even the wiggliest of the bunch. Micaela was timely, professional, kind, and a true artist! What a pleasure to have her at our party. Do yourself a favor and book her for your next event.
Larayna Y.
Micaela has done my daughter's face 2 different times and she is by far the best face painter I have ever seen. These are true works of art.
Bethany S.
I've hired Micaela to do face painting at a big luau kids birthday party and she was amazing! So professional and talented! She's a kind, hard working, awesome person. Her face painting was a huge highlight of our party!
Chelsea M.
Loved the face painting! The designs are amazing, painted quickly and my favorite part when it comes time for bed time and need to take them off they are so EASY to clean off!!! Normally face paint is hard to scrub off but not with Micaelas. We loved it!
Nicole N.
We hired Micaela for a customer appreciation open house event and couldn’t have been happier with the results. I heard many compliments and positive comments throughout the event. Micaela brings a positive attitude, is great with children and is surprisingly fast at what she does. The customers had a great time and looked great. Thank you Micaela, we look forward to using you again in the future - Preferred Pump
Kris H.
Had Micaela come for my sons 5th birthday party and she was a hit! She did beautiful work while managing a horde of crazy kids (and adults).
Lauren B.
Micaela is fantastic! She did the face painting for my 3 year old's birthday party several weeks ago...and she's GOLD, I tell ya! Every design was different, and unique, and absolutely incredible. She worked quickly and efficiently, and was so kind and gentle with the kiddos. She was highly professional, and provided a service contract and an organized and clean work station. I was SO impressed - and so was every other parent there...every single one of them asked me for her contact information with in 48 hours of the party. Thank you Micaela! I hope you're ready to attend Johnson Family birthday parties for LIFE!  
Susan J.
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